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Terms And Conditions



These General Terms and Conditions (the “General Terms”) shall apply to and govern all services provided to you or your company from iBio, and to the sale of all products sold or delivered to you or your company from iBio.  Because our products and services are so diverse, our terms and conditions vary depending on the type of product or service you are ordering and terms specific to the applicable product or service ordered by you or your company (the “Specific Terms”) shall apply.  Please note, if you are purchasing products and/or services that fall under more than one category, more than one set of Specific Terms may apply to your order, in addition to the General Terms.

Any general terms and conditions proposed by you or your company, including those referenced in your or your company’s purchase orders are hereby rejected.

Please read the General Terms and any Specific Terms carefully. You will be asked to expressly agree to all such terms before you place an order for products or services from iBio’s website.

Which terms and conditions apply to my order?

1. General Catalog Products.

If you are purchasing a general catalog product, these Terms and Conditions of Sale apply.

2. General Terms and Conditions:  All non-manufacturing services (the “Services”) provided by iBio shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions for Basic or Non-Manufacturing Services.

Specific Terms and Conditions:  In addition to the preceding General Terms and Conditions, the following Specific Terms and Conditions shall apply to the specific type of Service referenced:

  • If you are purchasing mass spectrometry Services, the Bioanalytical Services Terms and Conditions shall apply, and you will be required to complete and submit to iBio a Mass Spectrometry Services Submission Form with your materials sample.