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Terms And Conditions

For Bioanalytical Services


Submitting a Sample: 

Please include all of the following in your shipment: 

Samples should be packaged and shipped in a manner to ensure their integrity is maintained and limit their degradation. Sharps/needles MUST be capped. 

Completed Sample Submission Form 

Safety Data Sheets (applicable to all samples) 

Proper Hazard Labeling & Packaging (if necessary) 

Safety Information: All applicable safety data sheets (SDS) or a suitable equivalent for investigational drugs are required to be shipped with the sample(s) along with the completed Sample Submission Form. Samples containing known hazardous materials or substances must be clearly and properly marked, labeled, packaged, and transported in accordance with state, federal, and international regulations. Please contact iBio before shipping hazardous samples to determine if iBio has appropriate environmental and engineering controls for handling the samples properly. 

Requested Turnaround Times (TAT): iBio cannot guarantee a specific turnaround time until project request is understood and samples are received. Standard and rush turnaround times may vary. Please speak directly with iBio Staff to obtain turnaround time information. Once a turnaround time is communicated, iBio will make every effort to comply with the date provided. 

Sample Retention Disposition: Samples will be retained for 60 days following report delivery, after this amount of time, the client may be responsible for additional storage fees. Samples will be disposed unless return is specifically requested. If samples are requested to be returned, additional fees may apply. 

Final Report Delivery: Final reports will be delivered electronically and shall be the property of the Client.